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Loneliness - Brian Cash

My next door neighbour installed today a security camera GTA at his house. He had been saying something about it the last time we had a chat. By that I mean I was trying to get my groceries bags out of my trunk, while he and his dog were standing beside me. He volunteered to help me with the bags, but I kindly refused his offer, as I did not wish to see him falling down on the ice on my driveway. 

At his age, breaking a leg or an arm is not funny. Thus he stayed next to my open trunk, talking to me as I was back and front from the car to the main door of my house, carrying my bags. I must have done around five trips as I had bought a lot of things for the house, not only food.

While I was a busy bee, he continued telling me about his idea of getting a surveillance system for the house. To be honest, I did not listen to everything he was saying. I was more focused on balancing my weight properly while I was walking on ice, hoping that I would not fall and break all the jars or crush the fragile stuff I had bought.

When I heard him pausing for a second or thought he was waiting for a reply from me, I hummed something, or I simply added “Oh, yeah?” which clearly he took as an invitation to continue his monologue. 

He’s a nice old guy, my neighbour. I think he is feeling very lonely since his wife passed away last year. I imagine it’s not easy to lose your life partner and find yourself all alone. You’d need someone to talk to, not to lose your mind. I know he was talking to his dog, but that’s not quite the type of talk I had in mind. 

Once in a way, I invite him over to watch a game and have a drink. I know he likes sports and beer. He reminds me a bit of my dad from this point of view. The only difference it is nice to watch a game with him. With dad, I was always annoyed by his comments, as we liked different teams. 

Today when I came back home, I saw he was at his door talking with someone who seemed to install something on the door. Suddenly I remembered our conversation. Better said, his monologue.


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Je suis étudiant universitaire et grande surprise, j'adore le Web. Je me fais un plaisir constant de couvrir un ensemble de sujets avec lesquels j'aime mettre ma touche personnelle. On me dit obstiné, motivé et bavard : je suis donc tout désigné pour être un bon blogueur et un bon membre de la communauté Twitter. Viens me lire, je ne suis pas vraiment sorteux!